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Solutions that connect

Understanding your audience is the first step to creating a solution that connects. A hosting solution to support a global adword campaign, a new website to reconnect with your community or an application that enables your audience to work with you smarter the Pont Media crew has the experience and depth of talent to deliver. 

Get in touch with the Pont team for a discovery session and we'll help you uncover whats important to your community and a solution that will connect to deliver you value.

End to end design and development

What we do

Web Development

Whether it’s a campaign website to promote an event, an e-commerce website to deliver sales, or a website to run your business and create leads our team can do it all. We use the latest technologies that make it simple for you to run and manage your own site.


Let us understand your audiences to create a clear design that provides an excellent user experience, to work with the functionality you need out of your website. We work on designs that reflect not only your brand, but also your business values.


More often than not, a brand is developed as a consequence to user experience. Let us discuss your business, whether it’s a start-up or an existing company, to find the value of your brand’s ‘digital experience’ and how you’re connecting to your market. A discovery session with the Pont Media crew will reveal interesting information about how you can be more effective and cohesive with your brand experience.

Campaign Marketing

Marketing campaigns are a simple, yet effective way to reach out to your community of interest. We can help you design, create and launch email marketing, campaign mini-site, traditional snail-mail brochures and any other marketing collateral to boost your brand presence in the market.

Website Management & Hosting

Having a Content Management System (CMS) makes ongoing management of your website easy, but finding the time to maintain your website is another story – you can leave this in our hands. We can create collateral and provide support to help you manage your website on a regular basis.

Recruitment Job Board Solutions

Since 2007, the Pont Media crew have created and integrated websites for many of New Zealand’s most successful recruitment companies and start ups. Our job board technology is built into your website and can be integrated with all leading multi-posters, CRM and applicant tracking systems.

Geared for the industry

A strategy that puts our client’s love of connecting professionals with the best New Zealand motor industry jobs, at the heart of their design. A company in the pursuit of excellence and decency in their personal dealings is still as relevant today as it was in 1991.

Being industry leaders in their field and with decades of experience and a global network of talent, Automotive Employment needed an online presence to match their reputation in the market as a company of huge influence and effectiveness. We created a digital strategy with them that lives up to their respected brand.

Purpose-built for effective communication

For Automotive Employment communication and easy access to information is key. We built an engaging homepage that delivers simple job search and featured jobs, mixed with migration information and the latest insights and industry news from the world of Automotive Employment, connected to the depth of content through effective entry points.

The result is an experience that truly reflects the nature of an employment expert reaching out to an international market. Focused, informative, constantly communicating and very user friendly.

Customised content flow, crafted for users.

Understanding the audience

Automotive Employment work hard on their relationships with clients. They nurture the bonds to ensure real results. We wanted to deliver that message by keeping content relevant, with clear pathways for users with different goals. That means understanding every user's route through the website and presenting them with content which will matter to them.

We acheived this by working with the company, reaching out and surveying their clients to collect valuable information on their individual requirements, information relevancy, usage patterns, and feedback.

Responsive is our responsibility

Responsive design isn’t optional. Across all our clients' websites we see a consistent majority of user sessions originating from mobile devices. Using non-responsive websites on mobile devices is a cumbersome experience that turns valuable users away.

Automotive Employment knew that they didn't have control over the devices that people used to engage with them, so a design that didn't sacrifice content or user experience for responsive flexibility was vital. Their new responsive site delivers a clean, consistent experience across all devices that allows the audience to easily consume their content and engage with the business.

Websites built with responsive design means a great brand experience regardless of the user's device.